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How Pearl Jam Shaped the Gaslight Anthem's 'Handwritten'

SPIN Magazine | Q & A
Monday, August 20, 2012

How Pearl Jam Shaped the Gaslight Anthem's 'Handwritten'
by David Marchese     Full Article

Stories have endings. For Gaslight Anthem frontman Brian Fallon, Springsteen-esque tales of New Jersey dreamers was enough narrative grist for three exuberant, empathetic albums of chiming, propulsive rock'n'roll. It was not enough for a fourth. "I was out of ideas," says Fallon, speaking on the phone. "I'd said what I had to say. The new album is me and the band figuring out how to move on and grow."

As Fallon explains it, that process wasn't easy. The day before the July 24 release of that album, Handwritten, the singer-guitarist spoke about the hard questions and harder answers with which he and his band had to grapple in order to stay alive.

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